Embody your desire for a more nude or pinker pout! A treatment like no other from the Award winning artists at Sculpted.

This treatment is for those with dark or cool tone lips, that desire a more neutral tone. Our treatment is signature to our studio and will still allow you to embrace your natural lips with a soft and natural result.

There are many reasons why someone may have darker lips, from genetics to smoking. At Sculpted, we are very proud to specialize in advanced treatment.

Sculpted Techniques for dark lips have been labeled industly influencing and game-changing, making us one of the most sought-after and leading experts.

Pricing Starts at $800 

Our service includes two sessions. The second session must be rendered within 6 months of the initial appointment. Depending on the person’s starting point and end goals, some clients will require more than two sessions to reach the desired outcome. Additional sessions are priced accordingly. 

This treatment can last between 3-4  years.


lip neutralization
lip neutralization
lip neutralization

This treatment is wonderful for both men and women, with darker lips who wish to even out their natural color or desire a neutral/pinker color.

Neutralization or Lip Lightening is a SCIENCE.  Unlike Lip Blush or Lipstick treatments, clients must understand that we must use a color mix unique to their undertone to achieve these results. 

In the case of Dark Lip Neutralization, some clients require more than two sessions to achieve their goals. Dark Lip Neutralization requires patience and the understanding that results are not immediate but happen in baby steps.

Discomfort is relative. Honestly, most of our clients take a nap. Our technique ensures there is minimal sensation during the treatment, clients rate it a 2-3 out of 10.