Lip Blush Training


Lip Blush Training

Looking to start a new career, add on a new service, or increase your education?  

Sculpted’s Lip Blush Training is on a whole new level.

Our training will teach you all you need to know about the art of Lip Blushing.

This 3-day intensive Lip Blush Training focuses on all of the necessary elements to execute extraordinary lip blush work.

Sculpted’s exclusive, Sculpted Lip Tone System(TM), Sculpted Lip PMU color & pigment theory (TM), and Machine & Needles theory curriculum has made this one of the most thorough and coveted education for Lip PMU.

This course was 6 years in the making and now with 2000 + graduates worldwide, it has been labeled an industry game changer.

You will learn the HOW and the WHY behind creating the most popular treatment in modern Lip PMU. 

Come experience the difference.

PMU Training

This 3 day course will include: 

Day One: 

You will learn all about lip structure, contraindications, Sculpted Lip Tone System(TM), Sculpted Lip PMU color & pigment theory (TM), your tools (Machine & Needles) and work on latex

Day Two:

Learn to work on lips including special cases for; asymmetry, fillers, mature lips, hyperpigmetation, male lips, Fordyce Spots. Sketching for perfection and proper stretching. Latex practice and watch a live demonstration.

Day Three:

Live Model Work, each student will have the opportunity to work assisted on a live model 

Online Pre Course– (Released 2 weeks prior, 6 months access)

Includes Course Lesson Material & additional bonus content.

Kit: SCULPTURA DEVICE, needles & pigments & more

  • Class Day 10am-6pm, model day may be longer so plan accordingly.
  • Homework will be assigned
  • Limited seats
  • Life time support 
  • All my signature tips & tricks

Open to all levels

For a more in-depth learning experience combine our Lip Blush Training + Dark lips Training for Sculpted’s Ultimate Lips Curriculum with the added bonus of additional studio days and model opportunities.

Opportunity for additional in studio models as well as shadowing is available upon request.


our experience

Learn from award-winning artist, educator, and speaker, Carla Ricciardone of Sculpted Studios, and take full advantage of her unique approach to education and training. Carla’s training platform is truly one of a kind, teaching artists to become thinkers instead of just copying what’s being done. She believes that the true secret of becoming a master artist is the ability to understand the why and the how behind what you are doing. Carla prides herself on passing her skills on to her students, a task not easily achieved.
Her methods and techniques have held true throughout her years in the industry, leading to thousands of happy clients. Having the knowledge of how to do something and knowing how and why you’re doing it is only a small piece of the puzzle. Carla believes that your educator should fully understand how the applied techniques heal and age over time in the skin.
Carla has worked and trained with the industry’s top practitioners and educators all over the globe, becoming saturated with knowledge and understanding of the many modern techniques, tools, and their individual diversities.
Carla’s signature and highly sought-after Modern Permanent Makeup Techniques were born from her experiences. Her curriculums are a direct and perfect blend of PMU techniques, experience, and her multi-level educational background. With two studio locations, Carla’s work speaks for itself.

permanent makeup training

lifetime support

Once you are a student, you are a student for life. 

We offer lifetime support to all of our students. We take huge pride in making sure our students, once graduated from our permanent Makeup training course, have the support that they need to continue in their career. We have created a private WhatsApp group for our students. This is where you will submit pictures of the drills you have been completing after class as well as work that you are doing on live models. We have built a beautiful community of students so that you can communicate with each other and learn a great deal from other students as well as from a Sculpted Certified Trainer.