Carla Ricciardone

lip blush in action

Carla is a PMU industry leader, influencer and educator. Her dedication to her artistry speaks for itself through her thousands of Permanent Makeup clients and award-winning services.  She has spent years of her career dissecting techniques to uncover the why and how behind every decision an artist can make to release what is now globally recognized techniques and theory for the modern application of  PMU and provide her clients with service unlike any other. As a result, Carla has become one of the most sought after artists, educators and speakers for the industry.  

Carla’s passion and dedication for her art and the science behind the art are unmistakable after all as she says, “PMU is art founded in science”.  Come experience the difference for yourself either as a client or a student. 

Steven Greitzer

AKA Stevey G

Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, Trainer and Innovator – Steven’s collective knowledge from nearly 10 years in the field allow a unique perspective in knowing how procedures age over time. He uses various techniques and treatment plans to create the most realistic results. He has worked with the industry’s top brands developing and testing products to push the industry forward. His teaching style and exercises have become a standard for new artists all over the globe- helping them to become saturated with knowledge and understanding many techniques.

stevey G doing smp

Amelia Gil

permanent eyeliner application

Amelia is lead artist and manager at Sculpted Studios in Miami. She was the first to graduate from Sculpted Studio’s apprenticeship program and is now going on to train as a master artist and educator under studio owner, Carla. 

She has been taught throughout her mentorship to emphasize the how and the why behind every decision made as an artist, and shares the same love of art founded in science as the rest of the Sculpted Team.

Cori ryan

Artist and NYC studio manager, Cori joins the Sculpted team with 4 years of experience as a licensed cosmetic tattooist and esthetician, as well as over 25 years of fine art experience and study. 

Cori specializes in brows and lips, with special interests in color theory and corrections, as well as brow shaping for facial balancing in accordance with each client’s bone structure. She finds her passions for meticulous, detailed fine artistry to be a perfect complement to the art and science of cosmetic tattooing.

powder brows in action