Scalp Micropigmentation Training Academy


The market is constantly expanding. As the procedure gains popularity, the demand for quality artists and clinics is growing. Average procedure prices range from $1,000 to over $5,000, and with a consistent market of continuously balding males and females, this market will continue to grow. Scalp micropigmentation is an incredible procedure for existing PMU artists, estheticians, barbers, or anyone in the beauty industry to add as a service. It also makes a fantastic new career path for the passionate individual.

3 DAY  “Scalp Micropigmentation Training” 

Technique: Hyper Realistic Scalp Pigmentation


Day One: 

You will learn about skin anatomy, contraindications, Sculpted Skin Tone System(TM), Sculpted Scalp PMU Color & Pigment Theory (TM), your tools (Machine & Needles) and practice work


Day Two:

Hair-Line design, proper stretching, special cases for; scar correction, density and female, practice work, and watch a live demonstration.


Day Three:

Live Model Work, each student will have the opportunity to work assisted on a live model 


Kit: SCULPTURA DEVICE, needles & pigments & more


  • Class Day 10am-6pm, model day may be longer so plan accordingly.
  • Homework will be assigned
  • Limited seats
  • Life time support 
  • All my signature tips & tricks

Open to all levels


Our scalp micropigmentation training course is delivered over 3 days and is widely regarded as the most comprehensive course in the industry. SMP training with Stevey G is extremely rich in science, medical, technical, and machine theory.
It is essential that the trainee not only understands how to execute the technique but HOW and WHY these actions are being done. A strong understanding of these foundation principles is critical in a career in scalp micropigmentation.
We also have a strong focus on muscle memory. Stevey G has created exercises and drills that teach students how to create perfect muscle memory to make you execute procedures with perfection. These exercises are meant to take home and continue your learning. On the last day, students work on live models. The experience you gain in this class is unmatched.
You will leave with 3 certificates: Advanced Color Theory for SMP, Machine Expertise, and Scalp Micropigmentation Fundamentals.


Learn from a trainer with experience. Steven’s collective knowledge from almost a decade in the scalp micropigmentation field has allowed him to create a unique learning experience. Being in the field this long allows a unique perspective in knowing how procedures age over time, various techniques, and treatment plans. He has worked with the top brands developing and testing products as well as artists all over the globe- becoming saturated with knowledge and understanding many techniques. He has created a unique plan that allows the trainee to become comfortable with muscle memory; this includes many drills and practices both in class and to continue post-training. With this learning plan, you can become confident in executing this procedure and have a solid foundation to grow your knowledge and expand on your technique.
Steven’s 5+ years of training allowed him to create a curriculum that is easily understood by all of his students. He has learned to recognize different learning tapes and has curated his program so that his students own the knowledge so they can properly use it and grow with it throughout their career.

Sculpted students


Once you are a student, you are a student for life. 

We offer lifetime support to all of our students. We take huge pride in making sure our students, once graduated from our scalp micropigmentation training course, have the support that they need to continue in their career. We have created a private WhatsApp group for our students. This is where you will submit pictures of the drills you have been completing after class as well as work that you are doing on live models. We have built a beautiful community of students so that you can communicate with each other and learn a great deal from other students as well as from Stevey G. all students have access to Steven G via WhatsApp personally should they need help with anything in their career.

All students receive access to several private Facebook groups and chats for extended learning for trained professionals only as well as unlimited ongoing support. All classes come with a starting kit including everything you need to execute procedures. This class includes supplies to get you started, including pigments from Permablend and the Sculptura Machine (designed by SteveyG and SculptedPRO), as well as discounts from our distribution partners so you can stay stocked.