scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp micropigmentation (also known as SMP) is the only guaranteed hair loss solution on the planet. SMP is simply a cosmetic tattoo. The procedure is a non-surgical, non-invasive application that perfectly replicates the look of a single hair follicle. SMP is a virtually painless treatment, and to avoid any discomfort, we will be sure to apply a topical numbing agent to the area. We can expertly match your natural hair with this delicate technique by utilizing specific needles and pigments created for this procedure alone. We create a hairline that is perfect for your age and looks, and this is customized to each client. SMP will restore a youthful appearance by creating a new hairline and help you regain your identity and confidence.
Scalp Micropigmentation is done in a minimum of three sessions scheduled 7 to 14 days apart. Each session is approximately 2-3 hours long. The procedure is virtually painless and comfortable. We work with your body’s natural healing process to stack pigment in the papillary layer of the dermis to create a flawless 3D look.
SMP can be used for all skin types and any kind of baldness and hair loss. More importantly, it isn’t just for men – hair loss in women is more common than you think.

how can smp help you?

Man after SMP

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a treatment that helps not only male and female pattern baldness but also those who suffer from diffuse thinning, alopecia, and those recovering from hair loss due to cancer treatment. It also has the ability to camouflage any scars from hair transplants or previous trauma to the head. The purpose of scalp micropigmentation is to restore the appearance of lost hair and rebuild your confidence. For those who have lost a lot of hair, the shaven look style is the best option to create a completely natural look.
However, for those with longer hair who haven’t lost as much and wish to keep their hair at its current length, here at Sculpted studios in Miami, we use SMP to reduce the contrast between your hair and your scalp promoting the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.
Our highly skilled artists at Sculpted, Miami, will assess your hair loss according to the Norwood or Ludwig scale, which will help us determine your level. From there, we will understand what you want and how many scalp micropigmentation treatments you may need.
Your suitability for this type of treatment needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but we will honor your request wherever possible. Please speak with an expert from our team for more information.

hairline examples:


SMP on woman
man with SMP 1
man with SMP