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You are facing a decision that can change your life forever. The training you receive is the foundation you need to stand on- so it must be extremely strong.

Guided by Stevey G—an undisputed master artist, trainer, and innovator with a robust 11-year career, seven of which are steeped in educational mastery—you’re in exceptionally capable hands.

Our curriculum is rooted in rigorous scientific principles. Dive into the intricate world of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) through the lens of Sculpted science theory. We demystify not just the “how,” but explore the all-important “why”. We create true artists, ones that are critical thinkers who become masters of the craft.

Rise above the ordinary with our proprietary program of exercises and drills, meticulously designed to develop your technical prowess while creating muscle memory. SMP requires precision while demanding unwavering consistency.

It’s a simple procedure- but that doesn’t mean easy – quite the opposite actually. WIth so few parts of execution everything must be done without error.

Our SMP course is intense and designed for the individual interested in becoming the best. We’re not just teaching techniques; we’re sculpting lifelong artists—supported unconditionally throughout their careers.

Give this decision the weight it deserves. Sculpted is not a fit for everyone, but with us, your potential is limitless. Get Sculpted.




Experience transformative education from a master practitioner of scalp micropigmentation. With over a decade of dedicated expertise, Stevey G has curated an unparalleled learning journey that transcends conventional approaches. 

Steven’s extensive tenure in the field affords him a unique understanding of SMP. He possesses invaluable insights into the long-term effects of procedures, the intricacies of diverse techniques, and the formulation of customized treatment plans. 

Having collaborated with leading brands in product development and testing, and having engaged with world-class artists across the globe, he has amassed a unique knowledge that enables him to deliver multi-faceted skills to his trainees. 

He co-created the first dedicated SMP machine and is the mastermind behind modern SMP Color Theory.

His meticulously designed curriculum is engineered to instill you with incredible muscle memory 

Through a thoughtfully structured regimen of in-class drills and sustained post-training exercises, you are taught to develop confidence in performing complex procedures. 

With over 6 years dedicated to instructional excellence, Steven has crafted a curriculum that is as accessible as it is effective. His teaching experience allows him to work with varying learning styles among his students, tailoring the courseware so that the knowledge isn’t just passed on—it’s owned. 

This ensures that his students not only grasp the material but internalize it, facilitating an enduring career marked by growth and accomplishment.

Trust in a visionary education that equips you for a future of unparalleled success. With Stevey G as your guide, transform your potential into mastery



SMP Training

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the most knowledgeable experts are lifetime students

We offer lifetime support to all of our students. We take huge pride in making sure our students, once graduated from our permanent Makeup training course, have the support that they need to continue in their career. 

We have created a private virtual classroom for our students. This is where you will submit pictures of the drills you have been completing after class as well as work that you are doing on live models. 

We have built a beautiful community of students so that you can communicate with each other and learn a great deal from other students as well as Sculpted Trainers.