some experience, but still have lots of questions


These courses are for practicing artists who have machine PMU experience training, but want to level up on their skills.  Maybe you are still experiencing challenges when it comes to implanting pigment, seeing the desired healed result, altering technique to create a desired look, understanding machines and needles, understanding color theory and pigment selection or have lots of unanswered questions or just generally feel frustrated-don’t worry that is very normal, this training was designed for this exact reason.  To fill that void and eliminate your frustrations.

With the fundamental knowledge and basic techniques already attained, these game changing courses are exactly what you have been looking for.  So many of our graduates have come from exactly where you are right now and we couldn’t be prouder of the skill level today! 

Not yet experienced? At a more advanced level? Click here to navigate to our other courses. 

ultimate pmu

ultimate lips



8-10: Lips &

Liner Fundamentals

– Miami FL

14 -18: Ultimate PMU

-Miami FL

28 – 30: Ultimate Lips

– New York, NY


4-7: Blade, Shade &

Ultimate Lips

– Columbus, OH

11-13: Ultimate Lips

– New York, NY 

18-22: Ultimate PMU

– Miami, FL

24-28: 100hr


– Miami, FL


9-13: Ultimate Lips

– Miami, FL

18-20: Lips &

Liner Fundamentals

– Miami, FL

24-28: Ultimate PMU

– New York, NY